About the company

The company was founded by Kjell Foss in 1966 and is currently a wholly-owned, family-run business with several subsidiaries and sister companies and over 113 employees.

Kjell Foss AS was founded as a limited liability company in 1994. Kjell Foss AS is a member of the Association of Heavy Equipment Contractors (MEF) and the Norwegian Mineral Industry. We work closely with suppliers and contractors within the areas of drilling and blasting. We have liability insurance with If Skadeforsikring NUF and we are approved in the StartBANK supplier register.

The company and its subsidiaries have two elected safety representatives. The objective of our HSE work is to secure a good internal working environment, to pay the utmost consideration to the external environment and to deliver high quality results – each and every time. In order to safeguard the environment, safety and competencies of our employees we hold internal courses and meetings on a regular basis. All employees are provided with a staff handbook. This contains our HSE documentation, routines and procedures as well as all of the forms we use to ensure safety in connection with drilling and blasting.

Over the years, Kjell Foss AS has affiliated itself with a number of good partners within the rock blasting and drilling industries. Several of these partners are wholly-owned sister companies and subsidiaries (see Sister Companies and Subsidiaries). The company has good solvency and liquidity and operates throughout Norway and the Nordic Region.

Our CEO is Kristoffer Foss.

Watch the video – presentation of Kjell Foss

Watch the video – the history of Kjell Foss

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