Removing Rock Without Blasting

Rock Breaking with Expansive Mortar

Expansive Mortar/Rock Breaking – Effective and Gentle Rock Removal Without Explosives Not all locations are suitable for the use of explosives to remove rock, especially when close to buildings. In such cases, expansive mortar/rock breaking can be an alternative. It reduces the risks associated with the use of explosives and limits environmental impact.

How Does Expansive Mortar/Rock Breaking Work?

Expansive mortar/rock breaking involves using an expanding mortar to crack the rock in a controlled manner. This method involves pouring a special mixture into drilled holes, where it expands and creates enough pressure to crack the rock. This process is ideal for projects where the use of explosives is not suitable due to the risk of noise and vibrations. 

Advantages of Expansive Mortar/Rock Breaking with Kjell Foss:

  • No risk of flying rocks, vibrations, or excessive noise.
  • Allows for precise removal of rock near buildings and sensitive structures, ideal for urban and sensitive areas.
  • An environmentally friendly approach to rock removal, protecting both nature and nearby structures.
  • High degree of control and predictability throughout the process, ensuring the results you want without surprises..

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