We provide a variety of services in rock drilling and rock blasting, whether it's drilling bolt holes, removing rock in a small garden, or undertaking larger production jobs for infrastructure, industry, and quarries. Our services include:

Rock blasting

We offer a range of services in rock blasting, and our expertise spans everything from smaller assignments to larger, more complex projects.

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Rock drilling

In some projects, there is a need for securing rock cuts after blasting to prevent avalanches and rock slippage.

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We offer high expertise in wiresawing and rock cutting. With this method, we can cut through hard materials.

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Rock stabilization

We provide rock stabilization for projects where it is essential to secure rock cuts after blasting work.

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Non-explosive rock removal

Not all locations are suitable for using explosives to remove rock, such as areas close to buildings.

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Hydraulic Splitting

This method of rock blasting involves the use of hydraulic wedges inserted into boreholes to effectively split the rock.

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