Wire Sawing in Rock and Concrete 

We offer high expertise in wire sawing and rock sawing. With this method, we can cut through hard materials like rock, concrete, steel, and metal. Our expertise and guidance ensure efficient execution in more challenging environments and structures.

Wire sawing is a technique used in areas where precision and minimal vibration are needed. The method involves the use of a diamond-coated steel wire that cuts at high speed through rock or other hard materials.

An Efficient Solution for Detailed Work, Sawing in Larger Objects, and Risky Areas

One of the advantages of wire sawing is that it is an all-electric process, making it environmentally friendly and less noisy than methods using explosives. This also allows work in areas where blasting or other methods are not suitable.

Another advantage of wire sawing is that it leaves a smooth and fine surface, making it well-suited for restoration or special aesthetic designs. This is an ideal solution for everything from detailed work in concrete structures, such as openings for windows or doors, to larger, more comprehensive projects like demolition or partitioning of large, thick objects/buildings, or sawing in rock for tunnel work and similar tasks.

The Advantages of Wire Sawing from Kjell Foss:

  • No vibrations 
  • All-electric solution
  • Leaves a fine and smooth rock wall/surface
  • Reduced environmental impact, noise, and dust

We offer several types of sawing tools in different sizes and have the expertise to perform all types of tasks, whether simple or more challenging. Our team can help find the best solution for your needs and that suits your project!

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