Rock stabilization

Professional Rock Stabilization - Safety and Expertise for All Mountain Projects

We offer rock stabilization for projects where it is essential to secure rock cuttings after blasting work, ensuring that the mountain areas become safe and stable for both construction projects and more long-term infrastructure development.

Rock bolts are installed to reinforce and stabilize the rock and stone mass. This is done to prevent landslides, rockfalls, and other dangerous situations that can occur in mountain areas. Rock bolts are also used in the construction of tunnels and buildings founded on rock. Bolting contributes to increasing the stability and safety in mountain areas and reduces the risk of damage and accidents.

Advantages of Choosing Kjell Foss for Rock Stabilization:

  • Experts in securing rock cuttings after blasting
  • Use of modern and efficient stabilization techniques
  • Customized rock stabilization solutions throughout Norway
  • Commitment to safety and quality in all projects
  • Experienced and qualified professionals

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